Writing for Engineering portfolio

Theory of Writing

Back when I was in middle school, I used to love writing class. I loved writing different types of essays, such as narrative essays, argumentative essays, and descriptive essays. When I started high school I started to dislike writing. I did not hate it was just that it started to get harder and I started to get lazy.
My writing in high school was not bad but it was not like it used to be, my writing used to be pretty good for someone that English was not my first language.
When I started writing in college everything was 10 times worse. My first semester was really bad, I barely passed my writing class. It was because I was used to my professor telling me what to do, what they want in my essay, and how they want it. In college technically your professor only says to write an essay on whatever topic you like.
This semester in writing for engineering I can say I have improved on my writing. At the beginning of the semester, it was really bad, then it was getting okay. One of the pieces of writing that I spend more time on and was interested in was technical writing. Even Though I didn’t get the grade I was hoping to get, it was fun to spend time in it. It was something different and new for me.
Now that the semester is over I’m planning to spend more time on my writing and applying what I have learned in this writing class. I look forward to learning more about professional writing and organization. And I hope my writing skills get better.